Chemistry Lab Reports


General Requirements:


  1. The lab report is due two days after the lab is completed.
  2. All data should be recorded directly in your notebook.
  3. Use only blue or black ink, never pencil. Any mistakes should be marked out with a simple straight line, no blobs or scratch-outs.
  4. Neatness counts.


Required Components:



Give the experiment a short concise title.


The date the experiment was performed.

Partnerís Name

Give credit to your partner.


This should be a short statement of why the experiment is being performed and what we are trying to accomplish.


This should be a concise description or list of steps of how the experiment will be conducted.† Your descriptions should include enough information so that anyone can pick it up and perform the experiment. This will be your only guide in performing the experiment.

Observations and Data

Record all data of a non-numerical nature here. This would include things such as color changes, formation of precipitates or gas evolution. Basically, tell me what you saw as you went through the steps of your procedure. This section may in fact mirror your procedure to some degree.


Determine ahead of time what data should be taken and if possible arrange it in tabular form. Include units and label your data sheet so that any reader will know exactly what you have recorded. All data and observations should be written directly into the laboratory notebook during the lab.

Calculations and Analysis

Show all work and calculations in this section.† Include graphs when appropriate. Also, answer questions related to the lab.


Your summary of your findings.† This section should connect back to the purpose of the lab.