Powerpoint Jeopardy Template

While I do believe Build Your Own Jeopardy (BYOJeopardy) is a better choice in building a jeopardy-like game, this presentation (or powerpoint) does work and seems to be the choice of some teachers. This version is a modified version of another powerpoint available online. This is a blank copy of the file and the instructions below will guide you through the process of modifying it for your classroom. In addition, I added an open office presentation version. If you do not already know about OpenOffice.org, it is an open-source and free office suite. Let your students know about this software.

OpenOffice.org Presentation Version (byojeopardy.odp)

To use this version, you must have OpenOffice.org installed. To see the cool jeopardy-like font, download this gyparody font.

Download OpenOffice BYOJeopardy

Jeopardy Powerpoint Version (byojeopardy.ppt)

Open this version using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Download POWERPOINT BYOJeopardy


  1. Open OpenOffice.org Presentation or Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Choose Open an existing presentation and click OK.
  3. A window will pop up. Find the byojeopardy.ppt or byojeopardy.odp file.
  4. Click Open.
  5. The file opens showing the first slide. It looks like the Jeopardy Game Show board.
  6. Click on the first block which says "Topic 1". Type your first column heading..i.e. Mammals
  7. Repeat step 6 renaming each category heading
  8. After completing steps 6 and 7, you are now ready to begin entering your questions and answers. On the Jeopardy game show contestants receive the answer and must give the question...Or you can give the students the question and have them answer it.
  9. Let's enter questions. Scroll to the next slide. Slide 2 is your first answer, Slide 3 will be your first question...and so on.
  10. The best procedure for adding questions and answers is to write them down in a list.
  11. Refer to your list as you're entering questions and answers on each page and you should not get lost. Look below the buttons in the bottom left corner to see what slide you're on.
  12. Click on each slide in the "Click to Add Title" box and enter your question or answer. Repeat through Slides 2-51. Save it and you're done.