BYOJeopardy Icon This is the online version of the famous jeopardy-like board creator called Build Your Own Jeopardy (BYOJeopardy). BYOJeopardy helps you make custom game boards that you can use in the classroom or play with friends. Features for BYOJeopardy include the ability to bold, italicize, and underline text. You can customize the style of the board and change the background for the holidays. Make your board for Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day or a snowy theme. You can insert symbols° and small images. You can use different fonts or specify the font size. You can use subscript and superscript. You can add media like Quicktime (*.mov) and Windows media player (*.wmf) files to your board. Click here to see a Board that was created with this editor.

There are also 6 different game templates. 4 templates can be played like Jeopardy!™ or you can play them like a quiz. They include features to create and display Daily Double and Final Jeopardy questions.

One template, called "Who wants to be a Nillionaire?", is played similar to "Who wants to be a Millionaire?™". It is 15 multiple choice questions which lead to large amounts of imaginary money (Of course, you do NOT win real money here.) The default value to win for "Who wants to be a Nillionaire?" is a billion dollars, but you can change the value to anything you want! How about "Who wants to be a Welder?" or "Who wants to be a Doctor?" or "Who wants to be the President?" Be creative:)

There is also a "Who is smarter than a 5th Grader?" - like board. Show your friends how big your brain is. "Who is smarter than me?" Or you can create a "Who is smarter than a College Grad?" Or make it easy. "Who is smarter than my two year old?"

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Getting Started

Creating a new board

  1. Start by clicking New above.
  2. Fill in the form. Then choose a board template. Classic ones include a $100 to $500 dollar increment template and a one to five point template.
  3. Click the "Create Board" button. This opens the board on the right side of the screen as a tree. Click on the + to open each section of a tree.
  4. Under a certain value ($100 or 1pt), choose the question or answer. Edit the text using the html editor and click change.
  5. After you are finished editing the board, click play to try out your new board.
  6. You can edit your board later by clicking open and selecting the edit icon.
  7. To change a jeopardy board type from the normal type where players "answers as a question" to a quiz style where players are asked the question: Click the Board Info tab at the top of the page, and then change the type to "Quiz Style."

Playing BYOJeopardy

  1. Start by clicking Open above.
  2. Choose your board and click on the title to play.
  3. Click a button, to reveal the question or answer.
  4. Keep clicking and attempt to answer all your questions.

Enjoy playing the game.